Christmas Specials are available now

We're super excited to announce all our Christmas Specials  are now available, for you to enjoy for the entirety of December.

Take a closer look at the dishes available below:

Get Stuffed
A turkey seitan patty in our southern fried stuffing coating, stacked with braised cabbage, stuffing, cranberry sauce, parsnip crisps and a loaded Henderson's Relish gravy moist maker. Served in a brioche bun topped with a sprout and gold star.


Ya Filthy Animal
Beef patty topped with This Isn't bacon and a creamy soft cheese, accompanied by rocket, truffle mayo and our homemade red onion chutney. Served in a brioche bun topped with a gold star.

Turkey Tenders
Homemade seitan covered in our southern fried stuffing coating, served with truffle mayo and a creamy dijon & cranberry dip.

Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail
Crispy vegan prawns served on a bed of iceberg lettuce, avocado and plum cherry tomatoes, drizzled with our boozy Bloody Mary dressing. Accompanied with bread and lemon.

Spiced Parsnip Soup
Creamy parsnip soup with South Asian spices. Served with parsnip crisps, toasted ciabatta and butter.

Festive Fries
Crispy festive fries tossed in dill, topped with our famous Hendersons Relish gravy, THIS! chick*n, sage & onion stuffing, sauteed sprouts, cranberry and chestnuts.

Gingerbread Cheesecake
Homemade cheesecake on a sweet gingerbread base, topped with a stem ginger gem and drizzled in a warm, spiced rum sauce.

Golden Sticky Toffee Pudding

A moist and light homemade date sponge, with an indulgent white miso toffee sauce, topped with a golden date. Served with your choice of ice cream or cream.

Mint to Be and Berry Christmas

An indulgent mint chocolate after dinner drink. 

A festive blend of orange liqueur, rosemary, cranberries and mulled spices.

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