Sneak Peek: Halloween Specials

Hellfire Burger
A crunchy sesame coated chicken patty on a bed of Chipotle mayo, lettuce, jalapeno slaw, drizzled with hot sauce. Served In a red bun toasted in hell fire, with a crunchy black sesame pickle on top.

Grave Digger 
A terrifying shallow grave of triple chocolate brownie, terrifying chocolate mouse and a horrific pile of pretzel bones. A white chocolate skull oozing with strawberry jam brains, loosely buried in Oreo dirt with a chocolate crucifix

Hocus Pocus
Bubbling in the cauldron a spooky blend of tequila and cointreau transfused with cranberry, lime and strawberry. Topped with a rosemary broomstick, a potion fit for any Witch or Wizard
Toil & Trouble
Double double toil and trouble, a delicious fruity concoction! Melon liqueur and strawberry with a lychee "Eye of Newt"
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