Winter Warmer Cocktails

'Tis the season of Winter Warmers, so check out our three new cocktails.

(L to R)

A seasonal pick me up made with fragrant Plum Sake, Amaro Montenegro, Cointreau, Dry Vermouth and lemon juice. A sweet and sophisticated sipping cocktail for these cold nights.

Ochiba means falling leaves in Japanese. A fruity blend of Roku Gin, Cointreau, Cherry Brandy, and Amaro Montenegro results in this delicious, warming Autumnal cocktail ready for the change in season.

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Pumpkin Pie is an Autumnal staple in the states, so we’ve taken inspiration for this indulgent cocktail. A warming blend of Absolute vanilla vodka, Jameson's whisky and a splash of pumpkin seasoning. Shaken all together with a blend of oat and almond milk and topped with cream.


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