It's officially spooky season, and you know we don't like to do it by halves at Church!

This year make sure you get down to enjoy our special Unhappy Meal - Ronald might not be lovin' it, but you sure will be! 

A twisted take on that classic kids meal, with grown up proportions… no toys are included but will you get a trick or a treat?
You can tuck into a Beyond Meat burger sandwiched in a black bun, dripping in melted cheese, lettuce and our delicious burger sauce. Served with fries in a black Unhappy Meal box.

Don’t worry, our ice cream machine isn’t out of order so you can finish the meal with our spooky ice cream sundae. Layers of black ice cream, topped with whipped cream, a jelly skull and raspberry blood splatters.

We’ve collaborated with Celluloid Screams, Sheffield’s annual horror film festival with our Halloween screenings* this year and also developed some cocktails as part of the collaborations; Slaughter Melon and Parma Violence. 

Alongside the specials you can also expect the floating pumpkins and our devilish decor to transform our space.

*Please view our events page here to see our jam packed calendar this Halloween!